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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID 19 this information may not be applicable to the 20-21 School Year

  1. Where is WHS? We have two locations. Our main campus is located at 10848 Gadsten Way, Rancho Cordova, CA. Our satellite campus is located on the Folsom Lake High School campus 955 Riley St, Folsom, CA.

  2.  How do I apply to WHS? Information about enrollment can be found on our website under “Admissions and Enrollment”.

  3.  When is the best time to transfer in? Transfers are accepted on a rolling basis. The best time to transfer is at the beginning of the year or the beginning of a quarter or semester.

  4.  How is WHS different from homeschooling? We have a dedicated campus and a full staff of credentialed teachers.

  5.  How is WHS different from traditional school? The main differences are the delivery method and pace of instruction. The bulk of the student’s work is done at home independently. The student, in conjunction with their teacher, determine a pace that is

    appropriate for the individual.

  6.  Does WHS provide an independent study option to elementary students? No. The elementary school independent study/home school option is best met at Folsom Cordova Charter School which only serves elementary students and their families.

    For more information go to:

  7.  What calendar does WHS follow? WHS follows the traditional FCUSD instructional calendar. A current calendar can be found on the district webpage at:

    Please review our holiday and non-student days so you may plan accordingly.

  8.  How much homework does a typical independent study student have per week? We expect that students work a minimum of 5 hours per day or 25 hours per week on school work.

  9.  Why is homework so important at WHS? As an independent study student it is important to remember that virtual “school work” is home work! Students are typically given a week’s worth of homework that is expected to be completed by the following week. Please note, attendance at WHS is determined by the amount of homework completed each week.

  10.  Will I be meeting with my teacher one-on-one or in a small group?  How else do students meet? Students 10-12 grades meet with a teacher one-on-one once a week for 45 minutes. Middle School and 9th grade students meet with a teacher twice a week in small groups up to 5 students.  We also have small group labs (science and art) and other classes which vary from 5- 15 students or more depending on enrollment. Students may spend additional time working on campus to socialize.

  11.  How many courses does a typical student take and how long does it take to complete an independent study course? At WHS we have found that students typically do best when they focus on two academic courses and one elective at a time.  Students progress at their own pace and typically take an average of 6-7 weeks to complete a semester course.

  12.  Is WHS a good college-prep program? WHS fulfills the basic requirements for students applying to all major universities. Our School Counselor can assist students who are wanting to take Advanced Placement classes work out a schedule where the classes might be available to take concurrently at student’s resident school or at the community college (please see stipulations below).

  13.  Can I still take classes at my resident school while a student at WHS? High school students in good academic standing who are not on Medical Independent Study (MIS) or have an Attendance and Due Process (ADP) contract may take courses that are not offered by WHS pending space availability.   

  14.  Does WHS follow the A-G requirements? Yes. WHS is A-G certified by University of California.

  15.  Can I attend dances/prom at my resident school? Yes, however a guest bid must be approved first by the WHS Principal or Counselor. Contact the front office for information on particular events.

  16.  If Independent Study does not work for me, can I go back to my school? It’s highly recommended that students complete the semester in which they transferred to WHS before transitioning back to the resident school.  Please contact the School Counselor for guidance.

  17.  Can I get credit for outside classes? Credit for outside classes may be only permitted with special approval from the Principal.

  18.  Can I take community college courses while a student at WHS? As long as you are at least 16 years-old with a 2.7 GPA students may take classes at the community college. Courses taken at the community college count for high school credit as well as college credit. Please see School Counselor for more information.

  19.  Does WHS have the same graduation requirements as other FCUSD high schools? Yes. WHS has the same graduation requirements.

  20.  Is college counseling available? How about personal counseling? Our School Counselor is available to counsel students on a variety of topics including but not limited to post-secondary planning.  A part-time MFT is available to provide personal one-on-one counseling.

  21.  If I need help between my weekly appointments what can I do? Teachers are available via phone and email. If you get stuck or have a question you can contact them. We also have drop-in tutorial sessions throughout the week as well as a bank of on-line resources that you can utilize.