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Adolescent Parent Program

Walnutwood High School Adolescent Parent Program  

Walnutwood Adolescent Parent Program (APP) emphasizes  your special needs as an expectant or parenting teen through a caring and supportive learning environment.  
Who is eligible? Any expectant or parenting teen under 18 years of age who has not graduated from high school. Students living outside of FCUSD must obtain an Interdistrict Agreement from their home school/district.
    How do I enroll? Students may call us directly at 916-294-9105 extension 840111 for a personal appointment. Students who are attending an FCUSD school should talk to their counselor or vice principal who will then send the appropriate referral.
  Is transportation available? YES. Students in the FCUSD boundaries are provided with curb-to-curb transportation at NO COST to the student. Any student living outside the FCUSD boundary must provide their own transportation.
  Is there child care available? YES. There is an on-campus Child Development Center that is available for children of students attending Walnutwood High School Adolescent Parent Program. A trained staff cares for and teaches your child while you attend class.  
What are the benefits?
  •      *Full diploma program completed with State and District adopted curriculum which meets graduation requirements.
  •      *Continuous case management
  •      *Open entry, open exit
  •      *NO FEES for services
  •      *Course Offerings
  •           *Child development
  •           *Parenting and life management
  •           *Prenatal and child birth
  •           *Infant massage and baby gym
  •           *Health and nutrition
  •           *Work experience
  •           *ROP
  •           *Online courses

  Why should I come? Your high school diploma is necessary for any good paying job. This program provides a caring and supportive environment to meet your particular academic needs and graduation requirements. Your social, emotional, and health needs during pregnancy and parenting are considered in our curriculum.   Your child has the opportunity to participate in a quality child development program designed to enhance growth and development.   You will find that you are not alone and that sharing this experience helps.