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Dual Enrollment for High School Students

FLC Dual Enrollment Versus FCUSD Dual Enrollment

FCUSD Folsom Lake College Dual Enrollment Course Options for 23-24 School Year 

Fall 2023 Dual Enrollment Orientation: Friday, August 11th 1:15-2:45pm Walnutwood HS Rancho Cordova 

FCUSD Folsom Lake Dual Enrollment allows high school students to earn high school elective credits and college elective credits in the listed courses below.

Students who elect to Dual Enroll abide by Folsom Lake College Deadlines and Academic Calendar.  

 FALL 2023

College Success (Asynchronous)

This comprehensive course is designed to assist students in obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary to reach their educational objectives. Topics include: goal setting, motivation, learning styles, study skills, time management, academic planning, career exploration, transfer options, and personal development topics commonly reported by college students. The course is recommended for new students and others who can benefit. 


Classical Humanities (Asynchronous)

The course focuses upon Western culture in its attempt to interpret human experience and identity. The course examines basic human values as exemplified in the arts, philosophy and history. Emphasis is on the Greeks, the Romans, and the Judeo-Christian traditions up to the end of the Middle Ages. Humanities students may be required to attend a cultural event during the semester at their own expense.

Biological Anthropology (Asynchronous)

This course is designed to introduce students to the study of biological anthropology, one of the sub-disciplines of anthropology. This course will demonstrate how the scientific method serves as the foundation to the study of human biological evolution. Issues and topics will include, but are not limited to, genetics, evolutionary theory, human variation and biocultural adaptations, comparative primate anatomy and behavior, and the fossil evidence for human evolution. Introduction to biological anthropology considers human biological evolution within a biocultural context; the origins and evolution of culture, along with environmental causes and responses to human evolution, will be considered within a scientific framework.

Intro to Music: Rock and Roll (Asynchronous)

This course examines social, political, cultural, and economic issues as they relate to the history of Rock & Roll music. It includes guided listening and video presentations to show the evolution of Rock from its roots to current stylistic trends. This course requires no previous musical study.

Limited seating. Students may be placed on a waitlist. Please contact Ms. Cavero to sign-up for a class.