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Student Learning Outcomes SLOs


Walnutwood Students are:

1. Self-Directed Learners who:

     a.       Accept responsibility for their own learning

     b.      Identify and solve problems and make decisions to accomplish intended results

     c.       Set and reach personal, academic, and career goals

2. Effective Communicators who:

     a.       Express ideas clearly using verbal, written, artistic and technological forms of communication

     b.      Convey messages, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions to others

     c.       Organize, analyze, and assess information to research a topic of interest

3. Quality Producers/Performers who:

     a.       Use appropriate resources/technology to complete tasks on time

     b.      Exhibit self-discipline and time management skills

     c.       Create projects which reflect originality and high standards

     d.      Think critically by: locating, organizing, summarizing, interpreting, applying and using information

4.  Responsible Citizens who:

     a.       Contribute time, energy, and talents to improve the welfare of themselves and that of others

     b.      Promote and model effective communication and respect among people of different lifestyles and culture

     c.       Demonstrate habits of personal well-being and safety

     d.      Assume personal responsibility as a member of a family, a community and the world